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Constant Scale


CS75 will be posted out tomorrow


The Kit List 6 arrived from the printers yesterday.

Fully updated to include the Airfix Model Club "Club Kit", copies are being sent to all A.C.C. members as well as the first 1,000 A.M.C. members.

Non Club members will shortly be able to purchase a copy.

CS74 and CS73 both added earlier in 2020.

Constant Scale 72 has started to arrive on members' doorsteps.
Lots of interesting articles including pictures of the new Vulcan!


Constant Scale  was sent out to all members on Friday
As well as the 6-page Spitfire Special listing every Spitfire
produced by Airfix since 1955, it also contains 2 more articles
by Keith Melville about his days at Palitoy/Airfix.


This article comes from CS67 and precedes the CS70 one.

I hope it gives some insight into the pricing of Airfix models.


Following some comments on the Facebook Modelling Forums, I wrote this article for Constant Scale 70 and am now making it available to all modellers.


CS70 is now available to all A.C.C. members.


The following article appeared in CS67 in July 2018


Constant Scale 69 has now been printed.


Constant Scale 68 was sent to all members today


Constant Scale 67 was sent to all members today


Constant Scale No.66 (not 63!) has been sent out to all members.
From now on it will have 28 pages as 4 more colour pages have been added.


CS65 is back from the printers and is being sent out today to all
A.C.C. Members.


CS65 went to the printers this morning. Hopefully it will be in the post by the weekend.


It contains articles on: Producing Instructions by Richard Petts, Buying kits in the 1950s and 1960s by Nigel Bunce, Storch Master Tracing, New Kit and Historic Kit Reviews, Book Review and more.


Constant Scale 64 has been printed and sent out to all members.


Constant Scale 64 has gone to the printers.


CS64 went to the printers today. It contains articles on the Missing Artwork auctioned by Vectis, the reminiscences of an early Type 3 and Type 2 figure artist, Maxi and Marina memories, new and old kit reviews, an Index for CS61-CS64 and more. It should be ready by the weekend. 

CS63 came back from the printers today and was posted to all members


Constant Scale 63 went to the printers on Wednesday and I hope to get the proof on Monday. It contains articles on:
Modelling H.M.S. Suffolk, 1960s & 1970s East Anglian Model Shops, Older Models and Games reviewed, Foreign Language Catalogues updated, Camel 'rough', Tooling Log pages and more!


Constant Scale 62 was posted out to all members today.


Constant Scale 62 went to the printers yesterday
It contains articles on:
Airfix 2017, Air4fix and the Competition in the 1950s,
Airfix Modelling in the 1960s and 1970s, MiG-21 'Rough',
USAirfix 1979, Older Jets and Games, plus more!


Constant Scale 61 was collected from the printer today
and posted out to all members.


Constant Scale 61 went to the printers today.
It contains articles on: Towns Revisited (1:600 warship models), Older Airfix Products, Kits and Games, Bulldog 'rough' and kit review and an article on Airfix's steps into the North American market with input from Ralph Ehrmann on the early days.
Plus more.


Constant Scale 60 has been sent out to all members!


Constant Scale 60 has just gone to the printers!


Constant Scale 59 was posted to all members today


CS59 went to the printers yesterday.
It contains articles on: Airfix 2016, WW2 Warship Camouflage, Modelling HMS Ajax, "Company Loyalty Bites Back" by Graham Westoll, Older Airfix Toys & Games reviewed, Historic Airfix Models reviewed, Hornby news, Book updates and more.


CS58 came back from the printers today and was posted out to all members.


CS57 came back from the printers today and is being sent out. It contains articles on: the Development of Plastic models in the 1950s, an interview with Jonathan Mock (Airfix's decal man), a listing of all the kits made by Airfix up to 1981, more news from the archives and more.
Also my new book "60 Years of Airfix Kits" (It's actually 62 or 63 years depending on your view as to the release of the Golden Hind!) is currently at the final proofing stage and should be out at the beginning of July.



CS56 went out to all members today

Constant Scale 56

CS56 went to the printers on Friday and should be going out to club members next week.

It contains articles and pictures on: Airfix 2015 Additions and Deletions, Airfix 1981, New Squadron Releases 1979-81, The Mainline catalogue 1982, Kit Reviews from 1981 and 2015 and more.

Constant Scale 55


Constant Scale 55 was sent out to all paid-up Club members today.

Constant Scale 54 has returned from the printers
It was mailed out to all members yesterday so should be hitting the doormats from Tuesday.

In addition to the stated content, Mike Trim gives an interesting account of the use of Airfix Kits by Gerry Anderson.
Constant Scale 54 has gone to the printers

It contains articles on: The Kits and other products of 1979, Stuka Special, Recollections of an Airfix Toolmaker,
 The Artwork of Mike Trim, Kit Reviews, Hornby News and more.



Constant Scale 53

Has returned from the printers and today posted out to all paid-up members.
It should be hiiting the doormats on Monday in the UK and midweek abroad.

Constant Scale 53 has gone to the printers and will be available to members in the next day or so.

It contains articles on: The Artwork of Geoff Hunt, H.M.S. Ajax, Toys and Games Catalogues, Making and Painting Kits in the 1950s. Kit and Games Reviews and more!

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