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Happy 100th Birthday!
Roy Cross, Airfix's most famous artist and a renowned Maritime artist is 100 years old today.
He has been President of the Airfix Collectors' Club since its formation in 1994. All who have met him know that he is a true gentleman. Seen here with his grandchildren on his 98th birthday.
Best wishes for a lovely day from all the members of the Airfix Collectors' Club and all other Airfix enthusiasts.
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February's Calendar
Copies available from the A.C.C.
CS89 has been printed and sent out to all A.C.C. members
It contains a complete listing of allAdditions and Deletions for 2024. Also the complete artwork for the 2024 calendar is also shown, plus several other articles.
Here is the complete listing of Additions and Deletions to the Airfix range for 2024
January's Calendar
Copies available from the Airfix Collectors' Club
December's Calendar
A Vintage Classics calendar for 2024 is being worked on.
QuickBuild production to move to India
The Daily Telegraph for 24th November revealed that Hornby is to move most QuickBuild production to India.
New Model Announced!
November's Calendar
Copies still available
Latest book on Model Soldiers
Published by The Crowood Press Ltd.
September's Calendar
August's Calendar
(Copies Still Available)
A11006 - Westland Sea King HAS.1/HAS.5/HU.5
On the 25th July, the A.C.C. attended a special Airfix presentation of a new model at the Cricket St. Thomas Helicopter Museum near Chard, Somerset.
The 'surprise' model, was of the first release of a new Sea King tool at 1:48 scale.
The kit is due for release in August, but attendees received an advanced copy. 
It was decided not to announce it in January, but keep it as a surprise just before it was due to be released.
The kit comprises of 348 parts, and the internal and external detail is of an improved standard. The decals cover 4 stages in the life of XV666 from 1970-2022.
More details and photos in Constant Scale 87 or on the Airfix Website and Facebook pages. It will retail at £54.99 in the U.K.
July's Calendar
(Copies still available)
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Copies still available from the ACC.
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The first of 2023's Vintage Classic images
Front Cover of the 2023 Calendar
Apart from January, there are 11 months devoted to artwork for the Vintage Classics range 2023.
All artwork is A4-size and is shown without any logos or writing, etc. Copies are £5 + P&P (Via 'Contact Us').
The ACC Calendar is now available
Copies of the Calendar are priced at £5 each
P&P is £2 (UK) - Other countries contact the ACC
The Airfix Range for 2023 is now out.
Below is a list of all Additions and Deletions taken from the 2023 Airfix Catalogue.
Just published, The Complete Listing of every Toy, Game or Art & Craft product, released by Airfix till 1981 - 80 A4 Pages.
If you have "40 Years of Airfix Toys", this is the ideal companion. Available through the A.C.C. at £10.
If not, "40 Years" is also available, signed, through the A.C.C. at £15 (RRP £25).
Book and Booklet, both signed available through the A.C.C. for £25.
Both books dispatched after Christmas. For more details, P&P, etc, use the 'Contact Us' button.
This is a brief report on my visit to the Spitfire Press Day
CS84 has now been printed and sent out to all members.
It contains a brief report on the Spitfire Tooling visit on 21/11/2022. 
December's Calendar
2023's Calendar will be another Vintage Classics one
in the same format
November's Calendar
The Kit Catalogues and Leaflets page has now been updated to 1996
October's Calendar
I have just updated the Kit Catalogues page to 1985.
I have updated the Packaging Types page to include the new Type 18 design. I will shortly update the Kit Catalogues page.  
The Club's Website has recently been undergoing changes, such as a new server, inputting changes, etc, and access was severely limited, but these are now largely resolved. Below is the first item to be uploaded.
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June's Calendar
(Copies available from the Club)

CS82 was printed and posted out to all A.C.C. members on Thursday 12th May.

In addition to the many articles enclosed, it includes a personal message from Roy Cross to the membership.

May's Calendar
(Copies still available)


The new Spitfire F Mk.XVIII is now available

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February's Calendar

The 2022 Vintage Classics Calendar is now available.
More details from the Secretary via "Contact Us".


The new 2022 range was announced at 4 pm GMT today
Below is a list of all Additions and Deletions for 2022.

The First of the new releases for 2022 was announced this morning by Airfix. The rest of the range will be revealed tomorrow at 4 pm.
A complete list of Additions and Deletions will be posted here shortly after 4 pm.

The 2022 A.C.C. 'Vintage Classics' Calendar is now ready to be printed. It contains 13 'unadulterated' (no logos or writing) images of the classic artwork from long ago.
The images can be framed as each is on a separate page.
It will be sent out immediately after the January announcement of the 2022 range.
Non-members can pre-order a copy using the 'Contact us' button on the Home Page.

CS80 was recently sent out to all members.

December's Calendar
Next year's Vintage Classics Calendar, is being designed now.

Details of Peter Williams New Book

November's Calendar

October's Calendar - Late Again!
Copies of the calendar are still available for collectors.

CS79 is now out and posted to all A.C.C. members
It contains a History of Humbrol, the Birth of the 24th Scale Superkits, Vulcan Build Review, Fairey Rotodyne & lots more!

September's Calendar

Peter Williams' book on the Airfix OO/HO Scale Fighting Vehicles" is shortly to be published".
Pre-ordering details are given below.

3 New Modelling Books from Crowood are Reviewed

August's Calendar

Ooops, I forgot to add July's calendar!!


Airfix Starter Sets come of age!

June's Calendar
Copies of the calendar are still available.

Constant Scale 78 has gone to the printers and should be ready to post out early next week.

May's Calendar

Copies of the Calendar are still available


Hornby's new APP-based Analogue Control


Hornby on the telly!

April's Calendar

Copies of the calendar are still available at £5 plus P&P
Use the "Contact us" button for more details.


The following 6 new releases from Airfix were received this morning and should be available in shops and from online retailers:

    A06022    - Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B (R.A.F. - 1:72)
  A09190    - Bristol Blenheim Mk.1 (1:48)
  A1373      - Cromwell Mk.IV Tank (1:35)
  A1374      - Cromwell Mk.VI Tank (1:35)
  A20440V  - 1930, 4.5 Litre Bentley (1:12)
  J6044       - QuickBuild: Bugatti Chiron 


March's Calendar


February's Calendar


The 2021 A.C.C. Vintage Classics Calendar is now available for Non-members to buy and costs £8 + (£2 P&P - UK)
Outside of the UK, 'Contact Us' for postage.

If you join the A.C.C. (£20-UK, £30-Eu & £35-RoW) the cost is:£5 (no postage costs!)

The calendar has 13 different vintage paintings, including the 4
Superkits just released, 2 earlier releases and the rest from
this year's new releases, including the Trident and HP.42.
All paintings are free of logos, etc, see below.

January's Calendar


Here is the the full list of 2021 Additions and Deletions which has been confirmed by Airfix


The 2021 A.C.C. "Vintage Classics" Calendar will be available‚Äčfrom 6th January 2021.

Cost to non-members is £8 + (£2 P&P UK). Non-UK buyers and all UK buyers enquire about buying via the 'contact us' button.

The A4 calendar contains 13 images of Vintage Classic kits' artwork to be released in 2021 and a few released in 2020.


Peter Williams' new book has just been published!

It is fully updated to 2019 and contains sections on Airfix pilots, catalogues, figures in Airfix kits and more.
It is very comprehensive and is now in hardback!
For more details and how to order, contact Peter Williams at:

It is also available from the Airfix Shop on the Airfix Website.
More details can be found below on 03/11/2020 entry.


This month's Calendar


Just received the latest issue of Andersonic - No.26

It contains an article on the Airfix Angel Interceptor by Jeremy Briggs. Andersonic contains articles relating to Century 21 programmes and the resulting Airfix, Dinky and other toys produced to go with it.

If you are interested in the world of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, then go to: and find out more. An excellent quality magazine full of interesting facts.


Airfix to the resue again in Lockdown!
Plus, the Hornby Share Price doubled in 3 weeks.


New Airfix Book Release Announced!

November's Calendar

Winter Sale!

"The Complete Airfix Artist & Kit List - 6th Edition" is now on sale at £7 + £2 P&P (UK)

The "Calendar 2020" is available at £2 + £2 P&P (UK)

Or both are available as an ACC 'Bundle' for £10 (inc P&P UK)!

Go via 'Contact Us' for more details and Europe & RoW postage

October's Calendar


Book Review


The death at 88 of Sir Terence Conran has been announced.

During the 1970s, Sir Terence worked closely with Airfix

to design a range of household products.


Septembers's Calendar


August's Calendar



Taken from the Centre Pages of CS75 is this display of the complete range of the Airfix-themed "Elite Tins".

Whilst they can be bought from some retailers at model shows (remember those), they are best obtained from Hornby itself:   -
or by 'phoning:   01843 233525   


CS75 is being printed today and will be posted out tomorrow.

It contains articles on: Humbrol Model Club, HMS Tiger, Type 8 kits, Airfix Pilots (1955-2020), the total number of Airfix models released and more!


The Kit List 6 is now available - see "Constant Scale" page.


July's Calendar

Airfix Model Club Re-launched at 12.00 pm today!

The "Complete Airfix Artist & Kit List - 6th Edition 
is now part of the Airfix Model Club Package as well as the
A.C.C. package.


June's Calendar


CS74 came back from the printer today.
Copies will be posted out tomorrow.


Arthur Ward's latest book as reviewed in CS74


May's Calendar


Airfix to the Rescue!

Taken from today's Daily Telegraph 'Business' section
this front page article suggests that Airfix is once again helping the nation through a difficult period.

In yesterday's Telegraph in the centre pages was an article about online quizzes and the final paragraph read:

Perhaps buying Airfix kits should be considered as

"Essential Travel".


April's Calendar

The Heron and Tiger Moth are both in the shops.


With a new variation to the packaging of the QuickBuild models, I think it is time to allot 'packaging types' to this range.
Therefore, I propose to name the original packaging as: QB1
with the 2020 packaging as: QB2.

(See: "Packaging Types" page)


February's "Blast from the Past"

Copies still available!


CS73 came back from the printers yesterday.

Today it will be sent out to all A.C.C. members along with the Calendar.
(See below)


Below is the page for January from the new
Airfix Vintage Calendar 2020.

Each page is A4-size.

Copies are being sent to A.C.C. members with CS73 next week.

A limited number are available for non-members at £5 each.

P&P for U.K. is £2, Europe is £4 and Rest of World is £5.

To obtain yours, fill in your details on the 'Contact Us' page and submit it. I will then confirm, etc, via your email.


I received my copy of the 2020 Airfix Kit Catalogue from Airfix this morning.
Below are the 2 pages from Constant Scale 73, due out at the end of this week.
The listing shows all the Additions and Deletions in the catalogue for 2020.


I received yesterday my batch of the new
Airfix Vintage Calendar 2020
13 glorious Roy Cross paintings from yesteryear.

Copies will be sent out to A.C.C. members next week along with CS73

A limited number will be available for sale to non-members and I shall give details tomorrow of how to order.

The calendar is in A4 Landscape format.


Following receipt of my Hellcat on 19th June, I have now completed an In-Box review of the model.


Published on the 25th February 2019 is Jeremy Brook's
second book on the history of Airfix.

"40 Years of Airfix Toys" covers all the toys and games made by Airfix from its foundation until 1981 when Airfix went into receivership and only the kits survived.

Chapters cover:
Toys & Games, Betta Bilda, Motor Racing, Arts & Crafts,
Meccano & Dinky and Railway System/GMR.

A further chapter covers the lesser brands, e.g. Scalecraft and Tri-ang Pedigree.

Airfix Magazines and Packaging styles are also covered.

A final chapter briefly details the other companies in the Industrial Division of Airfix Industries.

For the first time, a complete list of all the known Pattern Numbers is given.

The book is published by "The Crowood Press Ltd" and more details can be found on its website: "".
The cost is £25, although Crowood is offering a 20% discount for on-line orders.


Club member Peter Williams has just completed a new book on Airfix's OO/HO scale figures. More dertails below:

Below is a typical page from the book.

For more details contact Peter Williams at:



The results of the Airfix original artwork sale on 28th August have now been released.

All the Roy Cross artwork sold; the sole other artist painting did not sell.

All figures and images, Courtesy of Vectis Auctions Ltd.


The new Box Type 17 has been added to the page on "Packaging Types".


As revealed in CS67, a further 23 Roy Cross and 1 Ken McDonough original paintings have been sent to auction.

They were obtained in 1981 and remained hidden until now.

The 23 Images supplied by Vectis Auctions including the D.H. Heron are shown below:



Many older modellers will remember the range of small warship models produced in the late 1950s and early 1960s by the British company Eagle.

These waterline models were to 1:1200 scale and pre-dated the later Airfix range by around 15 years.

Now, Club member David Welsh has published a book which covers the output of this small company and is illustrated throughout in colour.



Several pieces of artwork believed lost have just re-surfaced!
They are to be auctioned in July.

Roy Cross is also to auction many more of his 'roughs' and boxtop proofs.

More details as they become available.




Crowood has informed me that my book has now arrived at their warehouse.

So the book is officially published today.

Quickest way to get it is to buy from Crowood or

The Aviation Bookshop, who should still have signed copies.

Crowood is offering it on its website - "" with a 20% discount, plus £2.50 P&P.

So the final cost delivered, will be £22.50 (cover price £25).



Below is a signed copy of my new book.
Roy Cross¬ signature is opposite some of his famous artworks.

The book will be available from 23 November when the bulk arrive in the U.K. and can be purchased from "Crowood" for £25, which includes a discount which pays for the postage!

If you want a signed copy now, then "The Aviation Bookshop" has a number available at £25, but you will probably have to pay postage.

Roy Cross at The Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells.


Several new tools were announced at Telford, including the H.P. Victor B2 and a 1:48 Stuka.
More details will be posted once I have completed the listings and following Airfix¬s announcement due now on 16th November.


There has been a slight delay, unconnected to the book, which means it will not be published until the middle of November. This means that I have managed to update the book to the end of August and the B-17G!

However, the Aviation Bookshop is having a batch flown over, hopefully to arrive before Telford.
I shall be on the Aviation Bookshop stand, where I will be signing copies. I will also have a new batch of the Artist and Kit List, which will have small revisions following feedback and will include any new models announced before Telford.


Below is the cover of my new book.

The Index was completed and handed to the publishers today. Final work will now take place and the book will be published later in the summer.

More details when I get a date.

The book brings together much of the work that has gone into Constant Scale over the last 15 years
and brings it all together in one book.

As well as yearly listings of every model released by the kit division of Airfix, there are chapters on
the Logos, Packaging, Artists, Airfix Magazine and Airfix books.

The 60 years dates from the first Spitfire, BT-K, released in 1955, up to the latest Spitfire in 2015
as BT-K was the model that really launched Airfix kits.
The content actually goes from 1952, but "63 Years of Airfix Models" was not so ¬catchy¬!


Here is the cover of the new Airfix Artist and Kit List.

It is also being sold by "The Aviation Bookshop"

31-33, Vale Road
Tunbridge Wells

Tel: 01892 539284




New Books on Airfix Kits

Just published by the Airfix Collectors¬ Club is:

"The Complete Airfix Artist and Kit List 1949-2015"

Compiled by Club Secretary Jeremy Brook and endorsed by Airfix, this 72-page A4 size
book lists every model released by Airfix since the Ferguson Tractor in 1949 and includes
2015¬s announced releases.

Each model is listed by its latest catalogue number and includes all previous numbers used.
Extensive cross-referencing shows where models have moved series, etc. Also shown is the
year of release and the identity of every known artist for the boxtops.

A recent study of the surviving Airfix archive at Hornby has provided further information.

The first copies have been sent to A.C.C. Club members and the book is now available to
non-members. The prices for non-members, which include P&P, are:

U.K. - £10

Europe & Eire - £15

U.S./Canada/Australia/N.Z. - £18

To order a copy or find out more please use the contact details on the Contact page.

Coming in June!

Being published in Late June 2015 is Jeremy Brook¬s second book on Airfix Kits.

Provisionally entitled "60 Years of Airfix Kits" it describes every model produced by Airfix
since the early 1950s but takes the 60 years from the 1955 release of Spitfire BT-K.

It is being published by Crowood Press.

More details will be given as they become available.




Roy Cross with Airfix Researcher Simon Owen.

At the book signing at the Aviation Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 6th December.

Signed copies are available from the bookshop on 01892 539284






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